Following are list of Parks located in Chaklala Cantonment

S.NoName of ParkLocationArea (Acres)
1Rose Garden Sch-III2.92
2Commercial Market Park Sch-III0.41
3Street No 12 Sch IIISch-III0.96
4Street No 8 Sch III Sch-III1.43
5Street No 18 Sch IIISch-III1.85
6Askari Villas Park Near Ammar Chowk2.75
7Flag Park Ammar Chowk0.5
8501 Workshop Park Airport Road3.66
9Grid Station Park Airport Road4.97
10Chaklala Sch I ParkSch-I4.66
11Ladies Park Sch II Sch-II0.76
12Tipu Road ParkTipu Road0.18
13Children Park TM Chowk, Mall Road1.18
14Sarwar ParkOpp PC1.63
15Presidency Park Opposite Fatima Jinnah University,Mall Road1.19
16Jhelum Road Park Opposite Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee House0.6
17Shaheen Park Shaheen Road, Garrison HQ1
18Monument Park Rising Sun, Road, Garrison HQ1.5
19Harley Street ParkHarley Street0.68

Our Services

  • Development & maintenance of parks, playgrounds, recreational grounds and traffic islands.
  • Maintenance of existing green areas.
  • To organize fruits, flower, trees show and develop awareness among the public regarding importance of trees for human welfare.
  • Development of roadsides, plantation of trees, shrubs and grasses and improve the outlook.
  • Maintenance of graveyards.
  • Establishing the shady areas and trees in parks and roads tree trimming.
  • Sitting areas for adult and playing areas for children.
  • Water features are maintained in major parks to add to beauty and recreation.
  • Grass maintenance.